Select Classic or New Portfolio Withdrawal Strategies


Full Trend Analysis of ≈750 ETFs and ≈1000 Stocks.

Financial Plans for Successful Wealth Management in Retirement

by Tushar S. Chande (ISBN 978-1-4834-5696-6)

An Easy Guide to Selecting Portfolio Withdrawal Strategies


ISBN 978-1-4834-5696-6 (SOFT COVER)


ISBN 978-1-4834-5697-3 (EBOOK)


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Dr. Chande has a long track record of proven creativity, as measured by his papers in the scientific literature, 11 patents, 4 books, innumerable articles, and the tremendous popularity of his wide-ranging contributions to technical analysis, risk measurement and performance attribution.  Tushar now tackles the difficult problem of wealth management in retirement, when the length of the retirement period, inflation, market returns and retiree health are all uncertain, but the retiree has clear hopes, goals, projects, and legacy aspirations.  Financial Plans for Successful Wealth Management in Retirement offers both, tutorials and comprehensive testing, of well-known and new ideas to give you an easy guide to selecting those asset withdrawal strategies that might best meet your needs.  Naturally, the book is not a substitute for your financial advisors, but provides a mutually beneficial context for investor and advisor to jointly generate bespoke wealth management plans.








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