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Bonds Balk at Resistance
Posted 4/8/2017 by Tushar Chande

US Bond futures balked at resistance after jobs report.



Bonds Approach Key Resistance Ahead of Jobs Report
Posted 4/4/2017 by Tushar Chande

  The bond market has rallied into key resistance, but will probably an need external push to break through.



US Economy Picks up In February
Posted 4/3/2017 by Tushar Chande

US economic activity improved in February, 2017.



Chande Trend Meter Now on
Posted 3/31/2017 by Tushar Chande

  The Chande Trend Meter calculation is now available on



Event Risk Drives Market Lower in Short-term
Posted 3/25/2017 by Tushar Chande

The market weakened in the short-term after sharp sell-off in Financials.



Sell-off in Financials: FOMC After-shock
Posted 3/21/2017 by Tushar Chande

  A sharp sell-off in Financials, after-shock of FOMC meeting.



Chande Trend Meter vs. YTD Return
Posted 3/18/2017 by Tushar Chande

Our measure of trend strength correlates well to YTD return.



Markets Rally after FOMC
Posted 3/15/2017 by Tushar Chande

Bonds rallied along with stocks after the FOMC meeting.



Market Pauses Ahead of FOMC Meeting
Posted 3/11/2017 by Tushar Chande
The market pauses ahead of FOMC meeting March 14-15.
February 2017 Review
Posted 3/1/2017 by Tushar Chande
A strong month with a surprising sector rotation.
Vanguard VTWO ETF: A Failure to Launch?
Posted 2/25/2017 by Tushar Chande
The Vanguard VTWO ETF has pulled back from new highs. What does this mean for the market?
Top Trending Fidelity Select Sectors
Posted 2/21/2017 by Tushar Chande
We identify the top trending Fidelity Select funds to show where the trends are.
Awaiting Berkshire Hathaway Breakout
Posted 2/17/2017 by Tushar Chande
We await a breakout in Berkshire Hathaway to signal another leg up in the broader market.
Strong Follow-through Validates Breakout
Posted 2/15/2017 by Tushar Chande
A strong follow-through validates market breakout.
Broader Market Lags Breakout
Posted 2/7/2017 by Tushar Chande
The broad market lagging behind as some indexes make new highs.
Market Fights False Breakout
Posted 2/2/2017 by Tushar Chande
The market tries to sort out earnings and emotions.
Breakout Resumes Uptrend
Posted 1/25/2017 by Tushar Chande
  The market's uptrend resumes with a breakout.
Trend Analysis of US Indexes and Sectors
Posted 1/21/2017 by Tushar Chande
We review the trend strength in key US indexes and sectors.
Gold, Currency and Commodity ETFs/ETNs Trend Analysis
Posted 1/15/2017 by Tushar Chande
We review gold, commodity and currency ETFs/ETNs
Dow Reaches Our July 2016 Price Projection
Posted 1/8/2017 by Tushar Chande
The Dow 30 has exceeded our July, 2016 price target.
Top Ranked ProShares ETFs
Posted 1/7/2017 by Tushar Chande
  We rank the top trending ProShares ETFs on three time frames.
Year End Buying Surge Ebbs
Posted 1/4/2017 by Tushar Chande
The buying surge at the end of 2016 has ebbed a bit.
2016 Market Story In One Chart
Posted 12/29/2016 by Tushar Chande
We condense the market story of 2016 into a single chart.
Trending Higher Into New Year
Posted 12/27/2016 by Tushar Chande

Markets are in well established up-trends going into the new year.


Top Trending Sectors
Posted 12/17/2016 by Tushar Chande
We review the strongest sectors and indices after the post-election surge.